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Team Hoss: ‘Get It On’ EP Review

Founded in Hobart, Indiana (just a brief trip away from Chicago), Team Hoss has thrived on the “slow and low,” rocking droning riffs and massive solos while channeling the likes of Kyuss, Hermano, and Sasquatch.

Their 2019 EP, Molten Riffs of Fury, was a blend of Stoner Metal and Doom tendencies, creating an album worthy of a mention in one of our Saturday Music Recommendations, which they pulled here:

But their new EP, a two-track called Get It On, shows hacking away at the drone to craft tight, spin-worthy singles. Both tracks are killer, making Get It On a short-lived but exciting 9 minutes.

About Team Hoss

Team Hoss has actually been part of the scene for quite some time, dating back to 2000. 

Team Hoss is:

  • George Pavel – Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Adam Reissman – Guitar
  • George Mohoi – Bass
  • Todd Dornick – Drums

Get It On EP Review

Release Date: October 29, 2021
Tracks: 2
Length: 8:51

Track One: Get It On

"Get It On" Song Cover

“Get It On” rides a dark, distorted riff that gallops along like something from a classic Sasquatch tune. Here, George Pavel’s vocals are relatively clean and verbose, almost delivered as if he was a Prog Metal storyteller, like Nevermore’s Warrel Dane. This is a fun song with a fun conclusion that rides a surging wave of riff and drums to its conclusion.

Track Two: RIP R Lee E

"RIP R Lee E" Song Cover

Dedicated to the actor who played the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket and passed away in 2018, “RIP R Lee E” is a slow-burning Stoner Rock song featuring massive, Hermano-styled riffs and multiple audio samples from R. Lee Ermey instructing his troops. This song is a groove-laden guitar fest, and it’s a great way to round out this tidy EP. 

Final Thoughts

Final Score: 10/10

Pros: If Get It On is any indication of the songwriting road Team Hoss is currently following, we’re in for some serious grooves on their next full-length effort. While there was nothing seriously wrong with 2019’s Molten Riffs of Fury, the EP borrowed many ideas from some of the genre’s heavy hitters. But on Get It On, Team Hoss seems to have taken a step toward self-discovery, digging deeper into a sound that belongs to them. 

And the sound is good. Both “Get It On” and “RIP R Lee E” offer their own outstanding moments, and together they make Get It On a lightning quick Stoner Metal affair. This is one EP (and band) to keep an eye on.

Cons: The brevity of Get It On feels like a tease, especially as this little EP reaches peak Stoner Rock momentum with “RIP R Lee E.” 

Ultimately, we’re left to appreciate Get it On for what it is: A couple of cool songs in an extremely short EP.

Learn More About Team Hoss

If you’d like to learn more about Team Hoss, follow them on Bandcamp or on social media (Facebook or Instagram).

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