Saturday Music Suggestions

Saturday Music Suggestions – July 9, 2022: Smoke the Light, Oreyeon, Cactus Flowers, King Potenaz

It’s time for another round of Saturday Music Suggestions! Today marks the first time we’re pulling this segment off the Monster Riff Instagram page (though we’ll continue publishing there as well) to start recording it on the website.

Here’s who’s on deck today:

Smoke the Light – Ego Death (EP)

Smoke the Light - Ego Death

Smoke the Light is a Long Island, NY-based Psychedelic Stoner Rock band with a touch of Sludge mixed in for some additional edge. While they pull inspiration from bands like Elder, High on Fire, and Queens of the Stone Age, Ego Death is a true original, and the lead single, “Inhell,” is an exhilarating ride.

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Oreyeon – Equations for the Useless (Album)

Oreyeon - Equations for the Useless

Oreyeon (pronounced “Orion”) is an Italian band tailored for fans of Lowrider, Robots of the Ancient World, and Bogwife. And because they’re a Stoner Rock band on the Heavy Psych Sounds label, you know you’re in for something good.

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Cactus Flowers – Solace (EP)

Cactus Flowers - Solace

Hailing from Houston, TX, Cactus Flowers is a heavy Psychedelic Rock band with talented female-fronted vocals. Their latest EP, Solace, is a delicious collection of laidback vibes and cosmic exploration.

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King Potenaz – King Potenaz (Demo 6:66) (EP)

King Potenaz - Demo 6:66

Look, there are a million bands out there that say they sound like Black Sabbath. King Potenaz, a band from southern Italy, actually does. And then they mixed in the heavy riffage of bands like Sleep and Electric Wizard to really crank up the Metal. To date, all King Potenaz has is a humble two-song EP, but they are truly promising tracks.

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