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Single Premiere: Canadian Doom ‘n’ Bass Trio Seum Releases ‘Snow Bird’ Ahead of New Album, ‘Double Double’

Seum is back, baby!

When this wild and loose Montreal Doom ‘n’ Bass trio first caught my attention in 2021 with Winterized, they were unlike anything I’d ever heard before. 

Seum Band Photo
From left to right: Piotr (bass), Fred (drums), Gaspard (vocals)

Sure, we’ve seen plenty of guitar-drum-vocals setups—either as a two-man setup or a trio—but it’s much rarer to see a commitment to bass-drum-vocals.  

It’s a tough combo to balance. With just a rhythm section, you’re left relying entirely on momentum to propel songs forward, and your chance at melody comes via the microphone—but singer Gaspard growls into the mic like a furious repo man. 

But it works—and incredibly well. 

These are polished Doom Metal veterans, and as strong as their Punk Rock-and-Doom-inspired songwriting is, these guys are charming. Sure, their songs are ferociously heavy and occasionally fast, but they’re also injected with irony, humor, and painful self-awareness. 

It’s the perfect recipe for a party (which is what I wanted to do while listening to Blueberry Cash and Live From the Seum Cave). And speaking of recipes, they’ve also got a great hot sauce…

Getting back on track: Seum has blessed the world with the appropriately timed “Snow Bird,” a raucous, bass-thumping tune about distaste for the snow and a desire to head south for the winter (which reminds me of “Winter of Seum” (from Winterized), another a track about being frustrated by another round of Canadian ice and snow). 

“Snow Bird” is the lead single ahead of their February 2 release of Double Double, a full-length effort referencing Canada’s favorite drink: a dark blend of coffee with two teaspoons of sugar and two creams.

The name is especially fitting as the band strives to blend their dark blend of Doom ‘n’ Bass with fast, punk-inspired riffs (sugar) and groovy breakdowns (cream)—all to create a unique brew that is as stimulating as it is intoxicating. 

Just as nice: “Snow Bird” and the rest of Double Double were supported and partially shaped by John Golden (Melvins, Sleep, and Weedeater)—which has helped the band capture a more polished approach in the mastering phase. 

Seum’s ‘Snow Bird’ Single Premiere

Without further ado, let’s dig into “Snow Bird!”

Watch for Double Double 

Don’t miss Double Double on February 2! So you don’t miss a beat, follow Seum on:

And if you’re in Montreal, play along in the band’s citywide treasure hunt! Repost SEUM 2X2 stencils on social media for a free private show and party!

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