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Kal-El: ‘Moon People’ EP Review

I am a fool.

I originally clicked on Kal-El’s Spotify profile as a recommended artist somewhere around 2016, and after a quick listen, I immediately wrote them off.

And for the next six years, I continued to pass them over whenever they were recommended.

Boy, was I ever dumb.

Fortunately, I came across their cover of “Cocaine” about a year ago.

I was transfixed.

And I was 100% sold on Kal-El.

It’s with that fresh perspective on Kal-El that I’m excited to offer a review of Moon People, the band’s small but mighty EP.

About Kal-El

Kal-El is a Norwegian Stoner Space Rock band that melds fuzzy tones with massive metal riffs, creating a surprisingly accessibly (and catchy) brew of cosmic energy.

Moon People is the band’s first release since 2021’s Dark Majesty album.

Kal-El Band Photo

Moon People EP Review

Tracks: 2
Length: 14:40
Release Date: September 22, 2023
Label: Majestic Mountain Records

Track 1: Moon People

Right out of the gate, “Moon People” fits perfectly into Kal-El’s sonic signature, as if it accidentally fell off the back of Dark Majesty and was waiting for its own private release. Filled with those fuzzy guitars, steady drums, and layered vocals, “Moon People” is a gradual rocker. It doesn’t have the same catchy vibes of Kal-El standouts like “Spiral,” but it does nail the classic Space/Stoner Rock vibe: cool riffs spilling over time and space.

Track 2: Universe

The drums steal the show on “Universe.” Intricate and chaotic, the percussion is front and center until the rest of the band roars into place—and even then, the song is propelled forward by those massive drums. “Universe” might be tagging along for the “Moon People” single treatment, but it’s just as deserving of its own spotlight.

Learn More About Kal-El

With this being a very brief EP (and a decently sized band), we’ll forgo the Final Thoughts section and jump right into the conclusion. Learn more about Kal-El in the following locations: Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.


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