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We love Stoner Rock.

Monster Riff was founded around a love for Stoner Rock and all of its sonic brothers and sisters—Fuzz, Psychedelia, and Doom. There’s something about a bone-rattling riff that really gets us excited.

We’re here to explore every nook and cranny of Stoner Rock. We dive deep into its history, interview the scene’s coolest artists, review the latest records, and discuss bands from an angle you might not have considered.

More importantly, we’re here for the music.

Rock out with us.

About the Editor

Pat Schober has a bit of an obsessive side. When he finds a great song with a really cool riff, he’ll play it on repeat. Again. And again. And again. If he’s working at his computer, he might even let it play for hours.

It’s happened to “Vidage” by 1000mods. It’s happened to “My First Knife Fight” by Swan Valley Heights. It’s happened to “Get Out of Here” by Sasquatch.

He’s obsessed with riffs.

And Stoner Rock is a great place to find new ones.

Pat Schober founded Monster Riff to celebrate a music genre that often goes underappreciated.


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