The Monster Riff Presents Podcast

A Stoner Rock Podcast.

Monster Riff Presents is all about great music.

The Latest Episodes:

Episode 28: Interview With Patrick Brink of Volume: On the Desert Rock Scene and Getting the Band Back Together

Episode 27: Aiwass & Aawks: On Their Spine-Tingling Upcoming Split, ‘The Eastern Scrolls’

Episode 26: How to Talk To Your [BLANK] About Doom Metal – With Blake Carrera of Aiwass

Episode 25: The Stoner Rock Radio Hour With Ryan Foster of Slightly Fuzzed

Episode 24: Scott Spiers of Clean And Sober Stoner and The Doom Charts

Episode 23: Todd White of King Volume Records: On Starting A Label & Advice for Bands

Episode 22: Tony Reed of Mos Generator: On “Time//Wounds,” Songwriting, Why Black Sabbath Rules, And More

Episode 21: Delco Detention: On Their New Release, Their New Singer, And What’s Ahead (PLUS: Listen to “Idolize”)

Episode 20: Twin Wizard: On Re-Recording ‘Glacial Gods,’ Life On the Road, And More

Episode 19: Robots Are Dix: Single Premiere—’The Revolution of the Inner, Man’

Episode 18: Silent Monolith: On Their Latest Album (“Empty Kingdom”), Working Through the Pandemic, And More

Episode 17: An Interview With John Garcia of Kyuss: Life Off the Road, A Benefit Concert, And His Next Album

Episode 16: An Interview With Joop Konraad of The Stoner Hive and The Doom Charts

Episode 15: An Interview With James Seabrook of Two Bodies of Water Productions

Episode 13: Fundraiser and Interview With Fostering Music Founder Christy Stitt

Episode 12: An Interview With Slightly Fuzzed Podcast Founder Ryan Foster

Episode 11: An Interview With We Hunt Buffalo Drummer Brandon Carter: On the Band’s History, Discovering New Music, and Finding Inspiration in the Stoner Rock Scene

Episode 10: Vocalists In Stoner Rock — With Voice Teacher Kristy Bissell

Episode 9: On “Solis In Stellis”: A Conversation With Blake Carrera of Aiwass and Drew Patricks of ASTRAL CONstruct

Episode 8: An Interview With Alex of Sonic Demon: On Starting A New Band, Italy, And More

Episode 7: An Interview With Delco Detention: On Collaborating With Neil Fallon, Bob Balch, And Others

Episode 6: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard And the Gizzverse

Episode 5: Tastemakers in Stoner Rock and Doom

Episode 4: Swedish Stoner Rock Bands You Should Know

Episode 3: An Interview With RoadkillSoda: On Their ‘Birds of Prey’ Music Video, Politics, and Culture

Episode 2: How to Talk to Your [BLANK] About Stoner Rock

Episode 1: Intro to Stoner Rock