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Greece’s Best Stoner Rock Bands: The World’s Hidden Gems

2,500 years ago, ancient Greece was filled with beautiful stone temples to worship the gods. These monuments were testaments Mankind’s engineering prowess, as well as a form of worship to those above. 

100 years from now, we’ll look back on this moment in time in Greece’s musical scene much like we look back on the architectural wonders of the ancient Greeks. No, we’re not saying that Stoner Rock in any capacity is as impressive as the Parthenon, but we are living in a historical moment for Greek’s music scene. 

Here’s the backdrop: In case you’ve missed it, Greece hasn’t been doing well. The country has battled riots, inflation, and economic turmoil over the last 20 years. What could have been a dark age for Greek art turned out to be an impetus for a vibrant stoner rock community. 

In fact, Monster Riff will even go as far as saying the stoner rock scene will soon belong to the Greeks—as soon as they can break into the American market. 

The talent is there, and it’s undeniable. Take a look at this list:


You can hear the Monster Magnet similarities from a mile away, but Nightstalker does deliver their own brand of Rock.

Originally formed in 1989 by frontman Argy, Nightstalker has been remarkably consistent over the last three decades as one of Greece’s best Stoner Rock bands. Though they’ve been labeled Grunge and Stoner Rock in their career, they’re most akin to Monster Magnet—a band they’ve toured the world with (they’ve also shared the stage with Kyuss and Sleep). 30 years in, the band still takes its cues from 1970s hard rock, creating their own special brand of Greek Stoner Rock (though they insist on saying they’re straightforward Hard Rock). 


“Vidage” earned a spot on our list of 10 Best Stoner Rock Riffs.

It’s hard to pin 1000mods down. A simple description would be to remove the raw aggression from Kyuss and inject the mold with love, but that would be too simplistic. When you can feel the desert winds ripping through their jaw-rattling riffs, they balance their Stoner Rock with strong doses of Psychedelia and Hard Rock. Originally formed in 2006, 1000mods places a heavy emphasis on groove—as well as raw tones. Expect to see more great things from 1000mods, especially after you hear their killer riff on “Vidage.” 

Planet of Zeus

While their sound is bigger than Stoner Rock, Planet of Zeus builds their songs on a foundation of heart-pounding riffs.

The most metallic act on this list, Planet of Zeus incorporates elements of Thrash, Grunge, and Scream-Core on their Stoner Rock, offering a diverse range of colors and textures. After forming in 2000, Planet of Zeus gradually worked their way up from house parties to stadium shows, even touring with touring with grandmasters Clutch on the Psychic Warfare European Tour. 

Deaf Radio

Expect great things from these QOTSA disciples.

Deaf Radio are obvious Queens of the Stone Age disciples (“Deaf Radio” may even be a nod to the Songs for the Deaf concept, though we haven’t been able to confirm that), but they make the music their own. Deaf Radio formed in 2015, and they were playing sold-out concerts by 2017 on the back of their debut album, Alarm. They’ve already toured with notable acts 1000mods, Naxatras, and All Them Witches (who we’ve touched on in our Top 10 Stoner Rock Riffs blog).

Puta Volcano

Though Puta Volcano is a young band, they rock with a certain maturity that convinces you they know the path to Rock heaven.

If there was a genre called Volcano Rock, Puta Volcano would be at the forefront. You’ll certainly find Stoner Rock and Psychadelic overtones, but there’s something more churning beneath every riff, something heavy, elusive, and mesmerizing. The least-known group in this list, they still have a way to go before breaking into the mainstream. With incredible guitar work and female vocals that hold listeners in a death grip, these elements help to earn Puta Volcano a spot as one of Greece’s best Stoner Rock bands. 

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