Saturday Music Suggestions

Saturday Music Suggestions – July 30, 2022: Aiwass, Twin Wizard, Grand Duke, Cave In

It’s time for another round of Saturday Music Suggestions! Here’s who we have today: 

Aiwass – Wayward Gods (Album)

Wayward Gods Album Cover

After two years of covering Aiwass’ melodic Psychedelic Doom from across the country, I’m finally seeing them in concert tonight. I am stoked. As one of the first Doom projects I ever genuinely enjoyed, Aiwass sets itself apart with haunting vocals, meandering lead guitars, and an uncanny knack for hooks. Wayward Gods is a collection of some of the project’s very best songs, and I can’t wait to see them in Columbus. 

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Twin Wizard – Glacial Gods (Album)

Glacial Gods Album Cover

As luck has it, Twin Wizard will also be in Columbus tonight (though not at the same show), serving up their delicious two-man Stoner Rock riff fest. Their 2020 album, Glacial Gods, is packed to brim with massive, fuzzy riffs and pounding drums. Everything I’ve seen from their tour so far has been outstanding, and I’ve been listening to Glacial Gods on repeat.

Check out Twin Wizard on Bandcamp.
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Grand Duke – The Welcome Tide (EP)

The Welcome Tide Album Cover

Hailing from the Australian capital of Canberra, Grand Duke delivers a heavy-duty riff fest that slips between the cosmic energy of Pink Floyd’s most psychedelic work and the angry aggression of DOWN—often within the same track.

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Cave In – Heavy Pendulum (Album) 

Heavy Pendulum Album Cover

These Boston-based Alt Metal aficionados flow flawlessly between mysterious, ethereal highs and bass-driven lows, making them perfect for fans of Torche, Baroness, and Kylesa. Heavy Pendulum is a heavy album with heavy themes (their write-up in Bandcamp’s Best of Spring 2022 points out the passing of former bassist/vocalist Caleb Scofield and his influence in “Wavering Angel”), and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

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