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Robots Are Dix Single Premiere: ‘The Revolution of the Inner, Man’

It’s with great excitement that we release the debut single from Orlando band Robots Are Dix, a hard-rockin’ duo inspired by the likes of Wolfmother and The Raconteurs.

If you think that seems like a strange combination for Monster Riff, you’d be right! We often prefer the heavier tones of bands like 1000mods to upbeat Garage Rock of songs like “Steady, As She Goes.”

But there was a fuzzy, catchy undercurrent within single “The Revolution of the Inner, Man” that was simply undeniable the first time we heard it, and it seemed like it came right to the cusp of Stoner Rock on those first few listens.

With that in mind, “The Revolution of the Inner, Man” fits squarely into the Monster Riff space just like Catapult the Rhino or Honeybadger. Take a listen:

Our Interview With Robots Are Dix

We sat down with Robots Are Dix to learn about the band’s history and the creation of “The Revolution of the Inner, Man.” You can watch the video here:

And if you’d prefer, you can listen to the interview on Spotify here:

To listen to the song on Spotify, listen here:

Learn More About Robots Are Dix

To learn more about Robots Are Dix, follow them on Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook, or Instagram.

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