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Trillion Ton Beryllium Ships: ‘Consensus Trance’ Album Review

The Trillion Ton trio continues its voyage with the band’s latest album, Consensus Trance. Refining their craft after their previous album (TTBS) and EP (Rosalee), they have produced a high-quality production of their own down-tuned Stoner Doom. 

Coming in strong at number 21 in the Doom Charts on its release month, Doom Charts – July 2022, Consensus Trance has the ability to make waves rather than mere ripples with its listeners. 

Hailing from land-locked Nebraska, TTBS have successfully built a sound that resembles the inner workings of the engine room of their band’s namesake. And with a pinch of cosmic dust, they set about navigating through the endless ocean of space. On a ship. A big, lumbering Trillion Ton Beryllium Ship. 

About Trillion Ton Beryllium Ships

The low and slow heavy riffs, fuzzed bass, and brutal drums are delivered by way of:

  • Jeremy Warner – Guitar/Vocals
  • Justin Kamal – Drums
  • Karlin Warner – Bass

And from deep within America’s heartland of Lincoln, Nebraska, they have been forging their unique sound and making the earth tremble since dropping a pandemic-era, self-produced and independently released album TTBS on May 21, 2021. 

It leaves me wondering if numbers are auspicious to the trio with both album releases mirroring the date and year (May 21 of 2021 and July 22 of 2022). What if we dig deep into Justin Warner’s lyrical themes of sci-fi, AI, and existential pondering? Exploring the claustrophobic void of space, will we find any clues or answers?

Let’s get digging, shall we?

Consensus Trance Album Review 

Release Date: July 22, 2022
Tracks: 6
Length: 38:23
Label: Self-released

Track 1 – Beg Your Pardon  

The Trillion Ton trio waste no time hoisting up the anchor on this opening track and steaming out of the harbor with a punchy bass riff and fuzzy fretwork. Jeremy’s vocals help buoy the song, and with the drums in the engine room fully stoked, the opening track starts to make some waves. 

Track 2 – Mystical Consumer 

“Mystical Consumer” brings the mighty beast into the vast open seas with the signature TTBS Doom cruise control. Lyrics that play with the operational cybertronic hardware of the universe and its mysticism twinkle over the dulcet and throbbing tones of the methodical piston-pounding powerhouse of the rhythm section. 

Track 3 – Consensus Trance 

The title track reinvigorates the listener by bringing them out of the fumy engine room and onto the top deck. This isn’t a Caribbean cruise, however, and it’s not long before we lay ears on some vocals that emerge from the lurking darkness and send chills through the air. This helps compound a sense of uneasiness on this steadfast ship. 

Track 4 – Distalgia for Infinity 

This track brings a shroud of fog over the vessel and gives the listener a brief intermission to head to the galley for a snack, beverage, or favored vice before the arrival of TTBS’ titanic crown jewel fires up. 

Track 5 – Weeping Beast 

“Weeping Beast” instantly makes the ever-looming iceberg of Doom more real with a chilling fuzz slowly building, sending the passengers aboard scarpering for safety. The vocals waft on the breeze with an ominous yet inviting air to them, like that of the mythical Siren. The song lulls and lists gently at times, which casts a lonely and vulnerable shadow. The captain pushes the throttle steadily forward and crushes the ocean beneath with a determined vigor to see out the track in a muscular display of sheer relentless propeller spinning power. With a solid 11 minutes of TTBS flexing their might on this track, one could be forgiven for not knowing where their compass is pointing after coming up for air. 

Track 6 – I.H. 

To bring the album full circle, “I.H.” heralds the return of the punchy fuzz and engine room heat that kicked the album off. The song also brings with it the vibrancy of the Ships Watch shouting “Land ahoy!” The vocals deliver a mantra-like chorus that will have your stacks smoking. And the hefty weight behind the riff doesn’t seem like it can be stopped, fully expecting the album to come to rest only after it crashes through the wharf, splintering it into oblivion before grinding ashore. The exit is without that fanfare, though, and it leaves the listener abandoned under the mighty gravitational force that is the album Consensus Trance

Final thoughts on TTBS’ Consensus Trance 

Final score: 7/10

Standout Tracks: “Consensus Trance” and “Weeping Beast” 

Pros: The hypnotic rumblings are soothing to those that err on the doomier side of life. The big improvement from the last album is the production. On this album, the vocals have been brought forward and have been delivered with more confidence, which helps bring a brighter shade to the robust gray sound that the band delivers. 

Cons: Those who lust after wailing solos and breakdowns may be disappointed. Consensus Trance plays a patient and methodical approach that suits the whittling away of a dark, bleak evening.

Learn More About Trillion Ton Beryllium Ships

To learn more about Trillion Ton Beryllium Ships, check out their Bandcamp, listen on Spotify, or follow them on social media (Facebook or Instagram). 

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