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Single Premiere: Titanosaur – ‘I’m Still Here’

Geoff Saavedra (the guy behind Titanosaur) has been busy. 

In February of 2022, Titanosaur—known for mixing the heavy riffing of Motörhead with the infectious songwriting of Monster Magnet—released an ultra-heavy Punk-Metal album called Absence of Universe

As if that wasn’t enough for the year, Saavedra then released another album in December of 2022: the ultra-heavy and slightly cosmic No One Home.

With such great productivity, Titanosaur would be excused for taking a break. 

And Saavedra would be doubly excused for hanging up music altogether. Back in July of 2022, he was placed on a heart transplant list and then spent five weeks in the hospital between January to February of 2023. 

But through the terrifying ordeal, Titanosaur has continued writing and recording new music, which leads us to “I’m Still Here.”

‘I’m Still Here’

The latest single from Titanosaur, “I’m Still Here” is a little trip through Saavedra’s childhood. 

But it’s also a statement: Titanosaur might be on a heart transplant list, but he’s still here to rock out as heavily as possible—and the songs aren’t stopping any time soon. 

“I’m Still Here” kicks off with an undercurrent of Industrial Metal, driving forward with churning, palm-muted power chords while an errant lead guitar squeals in the background. When Saavedra’s voice finally appears, it’s the same guttural, imposing growl we’ve come to expect from Titanosaur. And despite that dash of Industrial Metal, “I’m Still Here” still contains that signature blend of Punk and Metal Titanosaur has become known for. This is a powerful track with a powerful statement, and Saavedra writes one of his all-time best hooks for that blistering chorus. 

“I’m Still Here” will be released on Monday, April 3rd, 2023, via all streaming services and through Bandcamp on The Swamp Records. Get a preview here:

Learn More About Titanosaur

To learn more about Titanosaur, check out the Titanosaur website, follow the project on Bandcamp, check out the YouTube page, or keep up with Saavedra on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

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