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Nightstalker’s Top Tracks: The Best Songs From One of Greece’s Most Enduring Hard Rock Acts

Originally formed in 1989, Nightstalker is one of Greece’s most enduring Hard Rock acts. With eight studio albums and dozens of songs to their name, Nightstalker has earned a reputation for crafting catchy Hard Rock tunes with Metal and Psychedelic undertones. 

Nightstalker’s high level of consistency has attracted a loyal fan base of die-hards who eagerly await every new release. Recently, the band pulled these fans closer by enlisting them to create an original This is Nightstalker playlist for Spotify. For three weeks on the band’s social media channels, fans voted on the best tracks from each album, starting with the 1994 release, Side FX

The voting resulted in a 22-track Spotify playlist that is absolutely immaculate. 

The Top Nightstalker Songs

Below is the full list of songs on the playlist as they appear in November 2020. We should note that after the top songs were collected, the band decided on the best order for the tracks. In other words, as they explained in a November 27 Facebook post, these songs are not listed in order by vote count.

Here’s the list:

  1. Go Get Some – (Dead Rock Commandos)
  2. Dead Rock Commandos – (Dead Rock Commandos)
  3. Use – (Use)
  4. Sad Side of the City – (Great Hallucinations)
  5. Sweet Knife – (Great Hallucinations)
  6. All Around (Satanic Drugs From Outer Space) – (Just a Burn)
  7. Just a Burn – (Just a Burn)
  8. Line – (Just a Burn
  9. Children of the Sun – (Dead Rock Commandos)
  10. Zombie Hour – (As Above, So Below)
  11. Superfreak – (Superfreak)
  12. Trigger Happy – (Use)
  13. The Dog That No-One Wanted – (As Above, So Below)
  14. Voodoo U Do – (Just a Burn)
  15. Baby, God is Dead – (Superfreak)
  16. Forever Stoned – (As Above, So Below)
  17. This is U – (Use)
  18. Cursed – (Great Hallucinations)
  19. Stain – (Superfreak)
  20. Hide Your Sun – (The Ritual)
  21. Mad Prophet – (Side FX)
  22. Great Hallucinations – (Great Hallucinations)

This is a great compilation of some of Nightstalker’s best work, but we’ll admit we were a little surprised. “Soma” and “One Million Promises” didn’t make the list? 

As fans of Nightstalker, we decided to create our own list of top Nightstalker songs as well!

Monster Riff’s Top 5 Nightstalker Songs

Here’s what made Monster Riff’s list of best Nightstalker songs:

1. Sad Side of the City – Great Hallucinations

One thing that surprised us about the fan voting was how much representation Great Hallucinations received on the Best Of playlist. This is a band that already had seven solid albums before Great Hallucinations, and we expected much of the love to go toward the band’s earlier work. 

Seeing 4 of the 22 tracks go to Great Hallucinations is a testament to the band’s longevity and ear for crafting great tunes. 

Fittingly, our top pick is “Sad Side of the City,” the third track from their latest album. To be perfectly honest, it’s the second half of the song that really blows us away on each listen. Hearing lead singer Argy cry out for love as the band builds behind him—there’s beauty in the pain, and we can’t help but repeat the track once it concludes.

2. Baby, God is Dead – Superfreak

“Baby, God is Dead” is the type of track you’d expect to see highlighted on a site called “Monster Riff.” Get ready for some good, old fashioned headbanging. 

3. One Million Broken Promises – Dead Rock Commandos

There’s something infectious about “One Million Broken Promises” that we can’t shake. It’s an earworm—one you’ll be humming to yourself days after you listen to it. 

4. Soma – Dead Rock Commandos

“Soma” showcases some of the best shredding in the band’s catalog. 

5. Children of the Sun – Dead Rock Commandos

The Dead Rock Commandos album has a ton of great songs on it (it racked up three of our top five!), and we wavered in picking a track for the fifth slot on our list. “Children of the Sun” or the title track? 

It wasn’t an easy decision. “Dead Rock Commandos” has a delicious riff and one of Argy’s best vocal performances, making it a true staple in the Nightstalker discography. 

We ultimately gave the fifth slot to “Children of the Sun.” If you listen closely to the lyrics, this song of promise, hope, and unity is bound to give you goosebumps, especially when it’s delivered with Argy’s emotive vocals. Plus, the song comes with a great music video (which is a beautiful tribute to all of the people who have supported the band over the years):

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  1. I discovered this band late – through the Children of the Sun music video. Definitely heard some Ozzy influences into the vocals but for a band to be going for 30 years is no small feat – excellent accomplishment – nice article, looking forward to more Nightstalker

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