Saturday Music Suggestions

Saturday Music Suggestions – July 16, 2022: Josiah, Planet of the 8s, Eight Food Manchild, Sons of Arrakis

It’s time for another round of Saturday Music Suggestions! Here’s who we have on deck:

Josiah – We Lay On Cold Stone (Album)

Josiah - We Lay On Cold Stone

Josiah specializes in ultra-cool and laidback Stoner grooves and guitars plucked directly from the ‘70s. Fittingly enough, Josiah personnel have connections back to Kings of Frog Island, those Stoner Rock titans best known for “Welcome to the Void.” But that’s not to discredit anything Josiah does on We Lay On Cold Stone. This is an awesome record deserving of a listen with your favorite beer.

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Planet of the 8s – Tourist Season (Album)

Planet of the 8s - Tourist Season

These Australian Desert Rockers channel old-school Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Ultima Radio, and even Alice in Chains. Ethereal tones slip through the background behind a wave of massive fuzzy guitars, and each song is as unpredictable as the last. Don’t miss their upcoming split with Duneeater, another awesome Australian band.

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Eight Foot Manchild – ‘Buddha Finger’ (Single)

Eight Foot Manchild - Buddha Finger

Here’s something totally different: A heavy Doom/Stoner brass group. Even weirder, it works. Eight Foot Manchild is a band from just outside Boston, Massachusetts, and they have a heavy sound that’s almost lighthearted with that unusual brass mixed in. “Buddha Finger” is their latest single, but they also have an EP called Pandemos.

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Sons of Arrakis – Volume 1 (Album)

Sons of Arrakis - Volume 1

Sons of Arrakis is a Montreal band heavily influenced by Frank Herbert and the Dune series. Appropriately, they describe their music as Cinematic Sci-Fi Rock, which means you’ll often hear elements of The Sword and Black Sabbath in their heavy Stoner tunes. Listen to the Volume 1 album for some awesome tunes!

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