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Half Gramme of Soma: ‘Slip Through the Cracks’ Album Review

Slip Through the Cracks was my first introduction to Half Gramme of Soma. This is actually their third full length album, though, so I guess you could say they just “slipped through the cracks.”

From the opening riffs, I was hooked. They pack a punch, they know how to write a hook, they know how to keep things heavy—and when to slow things down. Each song is memorable in its own way while remaining remarkably consistent throughout.

About Half Gramme of Soma

Formed in early 2011, Half Gramme of Soma is a 5-piece heavy rock band out of Athens, Greece. It’s clear they have a wide range of influences, including the hooks of the grungy ’90s rock with a deep Psychedelic soul.

In 2014, the band released the Marche au Noir EP, followed by extensive touring. Groove Is Black, their sophomore album, was released in 2017.

Slip Through the Cracks Album Review

Release Date: September 30, 2022
Tracks: 8
Length: 42 minutes
Label: SOL Records

Track 1: Muck & Cheese

‘Muck & Cheese’ kicks things off with an infectious bassline that turns into what initially seems to be a slower psychedelic jam. About a minute in, HGoS tears through a powerful, ’90s Grunge-era chorus. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and gives a great introduction to the band and this album.

Track 2: Voyager

‘Voyager’ is an upbeat but heavy, driving, Stoner Rock song, reminiscent of the legendary Astroqueen. While it’s easy to focus on the gravely vocals, you’re reminded of just how talented the band is throughout this song.

Track 3: Magnetar

Things slow way down as this song begins and you might even think you’re about to hear a straight ballad. However, HGoS soon inject their brand of powerful heavy Rock as the first chorus hits. Halfway through, they start to take you on a trip and keep you guessing on this seven-minute monster.

Track 4: High Heels

HGoS dial up the groove on this mid-tempo headbanger. It’s a little scuzzy, plenty heavy, and constantly stuck in my head.

Track 5: Mind Game

‘Mind Game’ is another rocker. “A world of pain, freedom is just another mind game,” he yells, and I feel it. Around the two-minute mark, they slow it down and provide an easy, instrumental interlude that feels a touch out of place before they slam back into the chorus again as the conclusion.

Track 6: Sirens

This track begins as a psychedelic instrumental and just keeps building and building until the vocals finally kick in around the two-minute mark. ‘Sirens’ is the most heartfelt and emotional track on the album, as they repeat, “Living inside this dream, no one should wake me. Pain is now fading, fading away.”

Track 7: Wounds

HGoS returns to form on this grungy groove. You can’t help but bang your head a bit as the riff is pretty relentless. They sing about “five days remaining” and “six days have now passed,” so I’m not exactly sure what this one is about, but it feels personal. They have an excellent way of conveying their emotion through a combination of their painful yells and heavy music, just as it should be.

Track 8: 22:22

Half Gramme wraps things up with a 7-minute, 35-second epic. It begins with an entrancing drum and guitar intro and a little spoken word bit before tearing through their signature ferocity. Although there’s no real chorus here, they don’t waste a second, and before you know it, the seven and a half minutes have flown by, concluding Half Gramme of Soma’s take on Grunge and Stoner Rock.

Final Thoughts on Slip Through the Cracks

Final Score: 8/10
Standout Tracks: “Muck & Cheese” and “22:22”

Pros: There is not a bad track on this album. They are nothing if not consistent. They are able to take all the finest qualities of Stoner Rock and make an absolutely rock solid album.

Cons: While this album doesn’t have any clear missteps, there is nothing really setting them apart from the crowd either. I would like to see them take some bigger chances on future albums.

Learn More About Half Gramme of Soma

To learn more about Half Gramme of Soma, check out their Bandcamp, or follow them on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

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