A Thank You to the Stoner Rock Community

I started Slightly Fuzzed as an outlet for laughter. There are plenty of meme accounts dedicated to heavy metal, nu metal, even Sleep specifically. There are even accounts dedicated to hilarious fake album covers. But I wanted to make the Truckfighters fans laugh, the Queens of the Stone Age fans laugh, the Uncle Acid fans laugh.

I started making parody album covers, completely made up album covers, fake guitar pedals, and more. This inspired the Slightly Fuzzed podcast. I spoke to my absolute favorite members of the stoner metal and doom community. Musicians, authors, label executives, artists, journalists, and more all spent their time with me discussing music, hilarious album covers, and, on occasion, complete nonsense. What an honor it was.

About a year in, my personal life completely fell apart. I muscled my way through the last few podcasts I had scheduled, but it wasn’t easy. I stopped listening to stoner rock. In fact, I stopped listening to music in general. I stopped logging into Instagram. I stopped posting. I stopped caring.

My friends and family were there for me. They came to visit and check up on me and make sure I was ok. But as the months passed, the texts and calls dwindled.

I don’t blame them. Time passed, people have lives. I get it.

But here’s the interesting part… People that I have never met—who I had only exchanged a few words with via Instagram or a podcast—started reaching out. People in this scene started asking if I was OK. They would check on me. They would ask if I needed to talk. They would call me and we would chat for an hour. We would share a beer virtually. They would offer advice. They would offer to help. They would continue to check in on me for weeks, months even.

This community of stoner rock fans saved my life. When I was at my darkest moments, people in this community reached out and made sure I was OK. People I didn’t even know—had never met—they cared. To be honest, I don’t know that I would have made it without the kind words from a handful of people in this scene.

Slowly, I started listening to music again. I started feeling inspired again. I started thinking about Slightly Fuzzed again.

I have a new fire lit beneath me and it is all due to the people of this incredible community of stoner rock fanatics. Thank you to this inspiring group of people. If you’re not sure you belong, you do.

Let me end by saying this: If you are struggling, please reach out to me, and if not me, somebody. It meant the world to me, and I can only hope I may do the same for someone else in the future.

Thank you.

Ryan Foster
Slightly Fuzzed


  1. Great article! Definitely grateful to this community as well. Social media doesn’t create many moments of vulnerability and honesty. This is a rad one- that I deeply appreciate. I like funny things, I like badass riffs and ripping monster bongs in the back of Gravedigger as I jump over the pits of hell! But I also like hugging my friends and asking them what they need- what’s hurting them- and encouraging them that thinks can get better- with effort- with love and head-banging.

  2. Great article! I appreciate your openness and willingness to share. Life can be difficult and it’s so great having like minded people to connect with. Also, your show/page/blog is killer and you’re great at what you do. Can’t thank you enough man! 🤘🏽👹🤘🏽

  3. The best thing about being down is getting back up again!! Lets hope the fire beneath you burns long and bright, with riffs, laughter and a community full of fuzz.

  4. And I don’t know what I would do without you. You are an amazing person who deeply cares about this community of misfits who are passionate and inclusive. You have been there for time and time again. I appreciate you! Wonderful article! ❤️

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