Breaking: Local Stoner Doom Band Lists Black Sabbath As Major Influence

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In a totally unexpected turn of events, a local Stoner Doom band called Electric Buffalo updated their EPK to list Black Sabbath as a major influence on their sound. 

The band, which is known for their low, heavy riffs, turned to Facebook to clarify the change to their EPK. 

“This may come as a surprise to a few people,” the band wrote in a post on Monday, “but we’re listing Black Sabbath as a major influence. If you listen to our music really closely, you’ll hear songs that are influenced by the Black Sabbath albums Paranoid and Master of Reality. One time, a guy after one of our shows even said we sounded ‘Sabbathian!’”

As if that wasn’t surprising enough, the band also mentioned a few other bands.

“Believe it or not,” the band continued, “we’re also heavily influenced by Sleep and Kyuss. And Electric Wizard, which might shock you.” 

In the comments section under the band’s post on Monday, someone asked: Why are you telling us all of this now? This is crazy! 

The band quickly responded: “There are a lot of bands in the underground space, and we just want to make sure people understand what we’re about and what we sound like, even if they’ve never heard us. For now, we’re going to say we’re inspired by Black Sabbath, Sleep, and Kyuss. And Electric Wizard. And Monolord. We need to add Monolord to our EPK. But all of this should help people differentiate us from other bands.” 

But the band didn’t stop there. In an edit to their Facebook post, the band also went on to discuss the gear they use in their music: “For the gearheads out there, we’ll also mention that we use Orange Amplifiers and a ton of pedals to produce our sound. One of our go-to pedals is the Big Muff! We know our gear is a little different, but we like the way it sounds—that’s just part of what makes us, well, us! If you want to try to knock off our sound, start by checking our Orange Amplifiers. We really think you’ll like them!”

Afterward, the band went on to describe their visual influences: “Don’t tell our parents about this, but we really love marijuana. We believe it should be legal everywhere. And sometimes we even smoke it before band practice or going to see live shows! So we like to put marijuana leaves on our album covers and in the artwork for our singles. That’s just who we are!”

The band concluded by saying they have a “big announcement” coming soon—and people should stay tuned to hear what the band is going to do next!

This article is satire.

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