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New Podcast: Psychedelic Doomers Aiwass and Aawks Combine for Spine-Tingling Split—‘The Eastern Scrolls’

We’re interrupting the Monster Riff hiatus for a special new podcast! Aiwass, the brooding Psychedelic Doom project that put out the stellar Wayward Gods in 2021, and Aawks, the upbeat Psychedelic Doom band that put out the excellent Heavy On the Cosmic in 2022, have teamed up for a powerful new split entitled The Eastern Scrolls

Inspired by the life and writings of Russian mystic Madame Blavatsky, The Eastern Scrolls is a dark, mysterious, and enthralling evolution of both bands’ individual sounds. The result: A heavy, captivating split between two heavy, captivating bands. 

The Eastern Scrolls drops on August 25 via Black Throne Productions, but pre-orders are available now!

We sat down with Aiwass and Aawks to get the full story on the release. Listen here: 

Listen to Aiwass and Aawks

We can’t give you a preview of The Eastern Scrolls, but you can listen to both bands in the videos below:

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