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Clouds Taste Satanic: ‘Tales of Demonic Possession’ Album Review

When a band commits to releasing new music almost every year, you’d expect a few creative flops. 

But that’s not the case with Clouds Taste Satanic, the instrumental Psychedelic Doom project out of Brooklyn. 

The band has remained remarkably consistent since kicking off in 2013—and four of their records have made appearances on the Doom Charts:

  • The Glitter of Infinite Hell (2017)
  • Evil Eye (2019)
  • Second Sight (2019)
  • Cloud Covered (2021)

Having developed a niche and sound that’s all their own, the band has continued their high bar for excellence in Tales of Demonic Possession—an ambitious, four-track album with a runtime of nearly one hour and twenty minutes! 

And while that runtime is impressive, it’s not exactly new for the band. The band’s first album, To Sleep Beyond the Earth, was essentially a 45-minute song in four parts. And The Glitter of Infinite Hell, Evil Eye, and Second Sight were each made solely of songs running between 17 minutes and 22 minutes. 

So, while four songs averaging 20 minutes isn’t unusual for the band, it is arguably their biggest, boldest project to date.

About Clouds Taste Satanic

Pulling inspiration from the heavy but minimalist approach of Sleep and Earth and combining it with the instrumental tendencies of Pelican and Bongripper, Clouds Taste Satanic have developed their own careful blend of Stoner Rock, Doom, Space Rock, and Prog Metal. 

Clouds Taste Satanic is:

  • Steve Scavuzzo – Guitar
  • Rob Halstead – Bass
  • Greg Acampora – Drums
  • Brian Bauhs – Guitar

Tales of Demonic Possession was recorded and mixed by Ben Rice of Degraw Sound and mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music.

Tales of Demonic Possession Album Review

Tracks: 4
Length: 1:19:40
Release Date: February 3, 2023

Disc 1

Track 1: Flames And Demon Drummers

“Flames And Demon Drummers” kicks off with a beautiful, ethereal introduction—a surprising contrast compared to what’s coming on the rest of the album.

And if you check out the length of this song, you’ll notice it runs 18:29. While that’s not exactly novel for the Stoner/Doom landscape, it’s still ambitious—and it’s not an approach we cover very often at Monster Riff (check out Ikitan’s “Twenty-Twenty” or Caustic Casanova’s “Bull Moose Against the Sky” for some other cool, long tracks). 

Perhaps the best feature of Tales of Demonic Possession—and Clouds Taste Satanic in general—is their tone. They frequently employ those thick, chugging riffs and then send a soaring lead guitar to glide over the rest of the song—and that’s exactly what happens here!

Track 2: Sun Death Ritual

As you might expect, “Sun Death Ritual” packs more of those big, dreary riffs the band is so well known for—all while allowing that unpredictable lead guitar to explore a few different ideas. 

There’s a powerful sense of mystery through it all, and although the song occasionally returns to a familiar riff here and there, this song will keep you on your toes, even during its prettier, Psychedelic moments.  

Disc 2

Track 3: Spirits of the Green Desert

“Spirits of the Green Desert” kicks off disc two with wind that cuts through the silence. It’s a fitting start for a new disc—but don’t let the sound of nature fool you. As this song builds, it’s less about ambiance and more about delivering wave after wave of sound through massive riffs the band allows to ring out. 

Eventually, a drum roll enters the fray, and we experience one of the most exciting portions of the album so far, especially as the rest of the band joins in and the quartet slips into another trippy Psychedelic section. 

Finally, “Spirits of the Green Desert” concludes with a wonderfully bold guitar solo that’s entirely unique to Clouds Taste Satanic. 

Track 4: Conjuring the Dark Rider

“Conjuring the Dark Rider” carries on much of the same vibes created in the previous track—but eventually grows dark, brooding, and dreary (similar to what we experienced on disc one).

In the second half of the song, we experience incredibly complex layers of guitars and drum patterns, slipping us into territory that’s extremely Progressive but also Psychedelic—until the band falls back into its typical rhythm. 

And once they return to their typical style, they combine for a powerful conclusion with roaring guitars and pounding drums—the perfect ending to an incredibly ambitious album. 

Final Thoughts On Tales of Demonic Possession

Final Score: 9/10

Standout Tracks: “Flames And Demon Drummers” and “Spirits of the Green Desert”

Pros: Have we used the word “ambitious” yet? Even for Clouds Taste Satanic, a band known for big, lengthy jams, Tales of Demonic Possession is a bold move.

And yet, the band pulls it off with style. All of the right ingredients are here: the riffs are big, the songs are well structured, the band is locked in, and that lead guitar keeps each song fresh and interesting. 

And thanks to Tales of Demonic Possession’s diverse sound—you’ll find Doom undertones, Stoner Rock riffs, Progressive Rock structure, and Psychedelic trips—there’s a lot for fans of different subgenres to latch onto. 

Cons: This album will be critically praised, but it may not be universally loved. Clouds Taste Satanic have always committed to being an instrumental band, and that means they’ve missed out on genre fans who view vocals as a prerequisite for listening. 

Still, those who regularly look forward to the near-annual CTS release will be delighted by the hour and 20 minutes within Tales of Demonic Possession!

Learn More About Clouds Taste Satanic

To learn more about Clouds Taste Satanic, check out their Bandcamp page or follow them on social media (Facebook or Instagram). 

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