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Single Premiere: Stoner Rock Duo Molosser Crude Releases ‘At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)’

In case you haven’t heard yet: Molosser Crude is an electrifying Stoner Rock duo out of Sweden with an unorthodox setup. 

Sure, there’s nothing weird about having only a guitarist and a drummer fill out the entire band (see This Summit Fever, Birds of Nazca, and others as examples). 

But in Molosser Crude, the drummer is the singer—and she plays live, not on a vocal overdub. 

Between Tess’s impressive performances and guitarist Jahn’s earnest, fuzzy approach to songwriting, Molosser Crude has become an exciting band to watch—literally, as many of their singles start off as live-recorded YouTube videos. 

That was the same deal with the “Twin Moons” single, a Stoner Blues track that we gave away free Bandcamp codes for right here on Monster Riff. (Sorry, we’re all out at this point! But if you reach out to the band and ask nicely, they might just hook you up!)

And now Molosser Crude is back again, this time with “At My Feet (Hounds of Hell).” 

Molosser Crude’s New Single: ‘At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)’

This new single is still rooted in the same Stoner Rock tendencies, but it’s influenced heavily by Jazz and Noise Rock in its construction, meaning it sounds a little harsher during the verse—but explosive during the chorus.

And while Tess wails on those drums and vocals, Jahn plays bass, rhythm, and lead simultaneously by splitting the signal from his hollow-body guitar into three separate amplifiers. 

It’s a wild, unpredictable, and catchy tune, so check it out: 

Learn More About Molosser Crude

To learn more about Molosser Crude, follow them on Bandcamp, Facebook, or Instagram. And looking ahead: Molosser Crude has promised that their next track will be a cover of one of the genre’s most iconic bands—so keep an eye on them!

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